Masquerade - A Tribute to Past - "Girls of Masquerade"

We pay tribute to all the past Girls of Masquerade who have each helped make Masquerade the insparation it has become for so many ...

Tina Martin - Founding Member of Masquerade

Tina is a founding member of Masquerade who helped "get the girls together" with a strong vision of what the world could be for those who for so many years felt so alone!

For each "I can't" that can be thought of, Tina could add a dozen "WE cans", and as the saying goes, "Strength in numbers", the Girls of Masquerade have made Tina's visions come true!

As Masquerade celebrates it's 10th Anniuversary on February 25, 2007, the "Tina Martin Memorial Award" was presented to Shandi Strong for
perpetuating Tina Martin's vision for and dedication to Masquerade.

You could be next year's recipient!



Hi! I'm Natalie.  I love being a woman!  I've been dressing a lot for the past one and a half years.  I love the more subtle female features like an arched spine, soft skin, and nice nails.  I love lounging around in jeans, and a tiny girlie t-shirts.  I like to entertain and cook and talk with my girlfriends!  I enjoy music and making wine.  My favorite shopping pastime is collecting accessories-scarves, belts, drop earrings, and fashion bags.  I want to enjoy life and not be afraid of who I am.

Dana - From Fargo, North Dakota

Dana is from Fargo, North Dakota and comes as often as she can to visit us. She's as nice as she is beautiful! Glad to have you as a member sweetie!


Dawn - From Fargo, North Dakota

Dawn is all the way from Fargo, North Dakota!

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Her web page is..


Hi I'm Angela!  I've been a member for five years and have been dressing for almost twenty years off and on.  I really like looking good and absolutely love having my picture taken!



Colleen - From Niagra Falls, Ontario

Meet Colleen - a new/not so new member of Masquerade, who lives in Niagara Falls, has been interested in Masquerade and our sister Group in Winnipeg - WTG, for about two years. She has even contributing an item or two to Lipstick and Lace.

Shandi and family met Colleen and her wife, a couple of years ago on a vacation trip to Ontario.

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Colleen is retired from the work force and will admit to being in her 60s. Maybe because of this she finds she is able to relate well to many people in the Transgender Community who were not able to learn more about their transgendered nature until later in life.

Colleen has an interest in "computering" and the internet, and loves communicating with others. She calls herself "an email junkie !" Other hobbies include doing crossword puzzles and working in the garden.

Because of her email activity and involvement in the Transgender Community, Colleen has made a number of friends and contacts in various TG Support Groups across Canada. She tries to encourage communication between groups and people. She believes that by reaching out to the broader TG Community one can not only bring a lot of personal enjoyment and satisfaction into their own lives, but also help the Community find and develop closer ties with one another.

Together in strength of numbers, abilities and talents, Colleen feels our Community will be much better off in being able to confront the issues and challenges that concern us.


Meet Cindy!





As some members are not comfortable with posting pics or their fem name, not all of our members will be listed on this page. They do however, deserve this anonymous recognition, as they are very special girls too!

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