Out & About - The Girls of Masquerade have a "Pool Party"

Wednesday October 24th, 2001

Natalie had organized a pool "tournament" for us girls at Club Happenings.  Even though only she, Vanessa, Sabrina and Shandi made it out, we had a great time!

The theme was short tight skirts and no one was disappointed!  Natalie thought it would be very sexy to be leaning over the pool table in high heels and a short tight skirt, and she was right!

The bar was not busy that night, but that didn't stop us from having a few drinks, and enjoying our time out together!  We even made a friend "Pat" who was a gracious participant and nice to chat with.  He even took a few photos for us.

Playing pool can be sexy!

Lounging waiting for our turn!

Shandi (L) and Natalie (R) line up their shots with a smile!

Sabrina looks like she knows what she's doing!

Vanessa tries something tricky! (As usual!)

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