The Space Girls -"The Next Generation"

Performance At
"Black & Blue Ball"

August 27, 2005
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Space Girls B_B 2-s.jpg
Space Girls
"Personal" Space
"Gimmi" Space
Space Girls B_B 1.jpg
Space Girls
"Cyber" Space
"Deep" Space

The Black & Blue Ball is a fetish event held about every six weeks throughout the year and is the perfect place to wear that wild little number that just isn't right for wearing during an afternoon shopping trip!

Masquerade Members have been attending the Black and Blue Ball for many years, because of the acceptance we have found there. For many girls it is one of the first places they can go outside their homes and Masquerade meetings. Although many people consider crossdressing a "fetish" the girls of Masquerade do not consdier ourselves a "fetish club" and we wish that to be clearly understood by all who read our website and newsletter.

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