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Legally Blond 2Tuesday, August 26, 2003!

A group of girls from Masquerade jumped at yet another opportunity to get pretty and go to the movies!!

Legally Blond 2 was the perfect choice, since there was a Cross Dressing character "Cookie" who had a one-line part in the movie!!

To get the day started early, Vanessa, Chantal and Sabrina had the day off, so they took full advantage of it and went shopping at Polo Park! Vanessa and Chantal both found a "little something" and although Sabrina didn't find anything she liked, she simply enjoyed walking around the mall in her mini skirt!!

After leaving the mall, the girls picked up Krystal, our newest "Power Shopper" and after stopping for a bite to eat at A & W, the girls checked out the bargains at Value Village!

We all arranged to meet the rest of the gang in the theater parking lot about 9:30 Legally Blond 2PM. On the way, we spotted Shandi and her family in traffic, and did the "Spy Girl" thing and followed them to the theater. Remembering Shandi's e-mail about dressing "cassual", we pretended to be the "Fashion Police", and thought we were going to catch her in jeans! But true to form, she was dressed in the regulation "mini skirt", just like the rest of us!!

So once the group was all "Present and accounted for", Vanessa, Chantal, Krystal, Mary and her "Escort", Sabrina, and Shandi, Charm and their two girls got in the very long line. Then, with tickets in hand, and mucnhies from the consession, we found our way to the right theatre. Although it wasn't crowded, it did seem like a good turnout.

The group after the closing credits!
Sabrina, Vanessa, Chantal & Krystal
Shandi & Mary

It was such a wonderful experience, to simply go out and enjoy an evening with the "Girls", just like the rest of the world!!

At the consession after the movie

Chantal, Vanessa, Sabrina & Krystal
Shandi & Mary

The group in the parking lot outside Cinema City 8
Krystal, Vanessa, Chantal, Mary, Sabrina & Shandi

Our movie nights, just like our other outings in Winnipeg, as always so much fun, and simply prove to ourselves that the rest of the world can be and is very accepting of our lifestyle. And that feeling makes it such a terrific experience when we venture out into the everyday world!

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Our previous Movie Night Adventure...

Well when an opportunity presents itself we just have to take advantage of it! "Sorority Boys" is a movie about three college boys who have to dress in drag to prove they didn't steal from their fraternity.

On the way they learn much about the different girls around them and also about their own feminine selves. This isn't a movie review, so I'll leave the rest up to you, but it is quite hilarious in some places so I urge you to see it either in the theatre, or on video.

So our opportunity arose to go see a CD related movie in the theatre, and we couldn't pass it up! On Monday March 25, the 10:15 PM show (it takes a while to be presentable!) we went to Silver City Polo Park, which is one of the largest multiplexes in the city. Sabrina, Vanessa, Ardra and Shandi along with Sabrina's daughter, Vanessa's cousin and her boyfriend, and Shandi's wife arrived in style for the cinematic event. I must say we all looked better than the actors in the movie! We entered the building shortly before 10, as we all came together in two vehicles. A nice young man even held the door for Shandi and Sabrina, for which he was thanked in a very ladylike manner. We spent some time in the main foyer, purchasing our tickets and getting our popcorn and drinks. All the while with no one seeming to pay us any inordinate amount of attention.

We went to the usher who took our tickets, said, "Enjoy your show" and didn't bat an eye at the four beauties and their friends. We entered the theatre itself, found eight decent seats all together, while other patrons came and went, totally oblivious to us. We sat and chatted in our seats prior to the preview trailers and sat back to enjoy our movie!

After the movie ended we all stayed to watch the credits while everyone else filed out. Good thing too because there is a gag at the end that they all missed! And then we posed for the picture below!

Shandi, Sabrina, her daughter, Ardra, and Vanessa, in Silver City!

We then made our way back to our vehicles, stopping briefly for the only "male" to use the facilities, followed by one of the GG's. On the way out again no one apparently took any notice of us. Although Shandi is sure she overheard someone mention our true genders to a friend rather loudly, but they could've been talking abut the movie poster! On the outside steps we stopped for another photo, and crossed the crosswalk while traffic waited.

Sabrina, Shandi, Vanessa & Ardra
On our way out after having a great experience!

Once again another adventure that wouldn't be as much fun without friends! Sabrina and Shandi already want to go again!!!!

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