Ever been "All Dressed Up" and wishing you had some place to go? Now you do!!!

Our Program & Social Evenings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
To respect the privacy of our members and ensure we are providing a comfortable environment
our meeting location is available only to the "Girls of Masquerade" membership.

There are a lot of benefits to joining "Masquerade", and something fun for everyone!...

Our Yearly membership, February to January, is $ 35 per year, and is prorated for those who join during the year. Monthly dues are $ 3.00.

 Contacting us is very simple, and we offer a few ways for you to reach us...

We truly understand how difficult taking that "First Step" can be when reaching out to a group such as ours. We've all been there before. So we hope we've made it easier to contact us by offering a few methods...

1) Simply E-Mail us at girlstuff@masquerade.ca

2) By contacting one of our "Big Sisters", who can answer any questions you may have - Click Here!

3) By writing to one of our members e-mail address directly if you feel you can relate more comfortably to that one person. For many of us, that was our "First Step". Or by contacting any one of our executives Click Here

4) By contacting our "Den Mother" and Membership Chairperson Mary at 1-204-232-3330.

Not only can Mary answer your questions about our group and arrange for membership, she can help you with all your "Girl Stuff" needs...from breast forms and wigs to foundation garments and shoes - Lady Godiva Boutique.

We prefer to meet with prospective members prior to meetings or events. That way, we can answer your questions, and make it a lot more comfortable for you to when you do attend your first meeting or get together, since you will already know someone. Plus, it will make it a much more pleasant experience for you.

Masquerade has been a tremendous support group for all our members, and we hope you will find comfort knowing you are not the only crossdresser in Winnipeg.

All photos are used with permission.

© Masquerade 2013