Out & About - The Girls of Masquerade enjoying "The Night Life" in Winnipeg

The Girls of Masquerade do get out to enjoy the Winnipeg "Night Life" often. Be it for chatting with friends in a lounge or dancing the night away at Winnipeg's "TG Friendly" night clubs.

Right-. Shandi and Kyrstal at the "Bar" in Club Happenings with the friendly bartender - Dave !

Being part of a group such as Masquerade gives our members oportunties to get out with friends and enjoy their girl-time doing things most had only dreamed of until joining Masquerade.

The feeling of "security in numbers" is what takes away the fear of going out alone, leaving our members free to be themselves for an evening of fun and dancing!

Shandi at Club 200Left- Shandi rockin' on the dance floor at Club 200

Going out for a "Girl's Night Out" was something our members only dreamed of before joining Masquerade. All the wanting, wishing, dreaming, and the questions...Where do I go? How would I dress? When should I go? Will I be accepted there? Can I go alone? Or with who??

Are we welcome at these places?? Of course we are!

Each month there are various events such as the drag shows at the clubs and performances by Masquerade's own Space Girls that give our members an evening of fun to look forward to.

Kinda like... "Curling with the GUYS on Friday night, dancing with the GIRLS on Saturday night!"

These events give our members the opportunity get out and have the fun they had always dreamed of, and many share the evenings out with their wives/girlfriends too!

Check out our Event Calendar for info on upcoming events in Winnipeg!

Chantal at
Club Happenings

Chantal at Club Happenings
Vanessa at
Club 200

Vanessa at Club 200

With our own performers, the "Space Girls" , strutting their stuff on the stages of Winnipeg's "TG Friendly" night spots, the Girls of Masquerade also enjoy the frequent outings to watch their sisters performing on stage. Besides, dancing the night away in 5 inch heels is a lot of fun! And a lot more fun when spending it dancing with friends!

Our very own "Space Girls" performing on stage at Gio's

Natalie, Vanessa, Shandi, Ardra & Martina

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All photos are used with permission.

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