Our very own "Bride To Be" Shandi
Shandi renewed her vows to Charm on July 26, 2003

Our Bride - Shandi

"Our very special "Bride",
on her Wedding Day

On Saturday, July 26, 2003, Shandi got to experience what most of us can only dream of. She renewed her wedding vows to Charm in a very touching ceremony at Club Happenings, sharing the special day surrounded by family and friends.

In accord with "standard" wedding practices, Shandi & Charm's formal portraits were taken at Kildonan Park!

Shandi was the prettiest bride in the whole park and Charm was the "prettiest" Groom !!

The "Bride", Shandi,
with her "Groom", Charm

Shandi is very lucky to have a very supportive life partner, Charm, with whom to share her life with. You can see so much happiness in their picture together.

Shandi & Charm...The girls of Masquerade wish you the very best in life. *HUGS*

Shandi & Charm
The Bride and her Bride's Maids

The "Bride", Shandi,
with her Bride's Maids

Being in a wedding party is every girl's dream. Shandi, our "Bride", and her three special girlfriends make a very pretty picture. Vanessa got to be the "Maid of Honor" with Natalie and Ardra as the very sexy bride's maids!

The "Bride", Shandi,
with her "Photo Girl", Sabrina

Sabrina has always wanted to photograph a wedding wearing a mini skirt and heels! Thanks to Shandi, she got her big chance. Although she didn't wear the mini "skirt", it was the best excuse in the world to go out and by a new mini-dress!!!

The Bride and her photographeress, Sabrina

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