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Here's a little look at some of our members. Not everyone is comfortable enough to post their photos and fem names on the web, and we totally respect that privacy. All photos on this web site are posted with permission. If there is one thing that Masquerade is about, it's helping you to feel comfortable with the woman inside of you.


Chantal Leah

Hi Ya! I'm Chantal Leah. I have a great passion for and tend to practice the various forms of crossdressing. One day I may visit a museum in a summer dress, the next day I could be there in a vintage dress.

Masquerade has provided me and many others with the confidence, knowledge and the place to evolve our dressing to the state we want to take it. Most importantly, Masquerade has provided me with many friendships thru the meetings and events.

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After spending so many years wondering why I did this, and always alone, it was through the net that I found I wasn't alone after all, and took that big "first step" out into the world. Through the net, I found and joined Masquerade in 2001, and haven't looked back since! Masquerade has given me the opportunity of a life time, to make wonderful friends to have "girl time" with. For years, I always thought I was trying to be someone I wasn't, yet I now believe I'm simply "Being who I am!"

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This is Ardra, a long time member. 


Good Day, eh!  I'm Vanessa, a Past President of Masquerade and I'm a Winnipeg Girl from the North End of course!  I've been doing this most of my life, but have gotten more serious in the past 3-4 years.  If you're curious, I'm 5'9"; 140 lb; you'll have to ask for my measurements if you really want to know!  But I will say my shoe size is 9-10.  I say this because I have a foot/shoe fetish and I like to advertise!

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Rhaina - From Brandon, Manitoba

Rhaina has been a Masquerade member since 1998. She loves to try out
different looks and costumes which can be viewed at her website. She also loves to shop for anything; makeup, accessories, shoes, seasonal outfits, lingerie and you name it, as long as she is "en femme."

Need a shopping partner? Call Rhaina, a foxy lady.

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Hi . My name is Nicole and I am in my early 50's. I just joined Masquerade in April of 2011, what was I waiting for??

I had early memories of women's clothing when I was quite young, bu tnever tried anything on until my early 20's, but I soon found out who I was (a crossdresser).

Through my 30's I slowly built up all the wardrobe and accessories to become what Nicole is today, a crossdresser who is content in (who) she is. I love to shop, shop, shop, and I hope Masquerade will help me meet other girls and explore all the girlstuff out there.

Thanks to Mary and Sabrina for all the help and hope to meet you this late fall or early winter. Can't wait to chat with other members.

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Briannaleah Powers

Briannaleah Powers joined Masquerade when "In-Person" meeting resumed in November 2022 post pandemic. Brianna (for short) loves crossdressing especially the pantyhose, the short miniskirts and, of course, the long blonde hair. Yes those long blonde tresses!

She stepped out of the closet by joining Masquerade and has found the members to be wonderful, friendly people who are interested in helping other girls break free of that closetted feeling.

If you'd like to meet them too, come and join the group.

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As some members are not comfortable with posting pics or their fem name, not all of our members will be listed on this page. They do however, deserve this anonymous recognition, as they are very special girls too!

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